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Gold, 10 year plan

 Anatomy of a bull flag A brief look at gold. Macro picture: it bounced off a 50% retrace of its up move.  Are we bored yet by this phenomena?  Ready to place some bets? BTW, the reason that down trend line is not precise it because on the weekly chart, Think-or-Swim...

Silver and SLW

Silver and SLW Silver on a very large time frame has started changing trend.  Bigger than a super tanker and slower, it made a nice cup type bottom that took about a year to form. The move up from January –April of 2016 defined the cup.  The pullback from April-June...

Me and oil

My personal history with oil Oil has become my weapon of choice.  I am most proficient at playing it intraday, and also calling longer term pivots, followed by Nasdeq and ES (SP500.) I have been watching oil for over a year, slowly learning it’s characteristics,...

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