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The velocity of Gold and the end of the petrodollar Next Monday, March 26, China’s new oil futures contract launches. This could have giant macroeconomic repercussions.  I want to briefly outline the common ideas about these repercussions, and suggest a contrarian...


Deeper dive into psychology and “the narrative” Taking the un out of unconscious This is a follow up to my Zone blog, in which I said I’d recently quantum leaped from stage 2 trading, to stage 4, which is “unconscious competence.” I am slowly realizing the...

In the Zone

What does it feel like? Morad, my trading teacher for a couple of years, said, “when you’re in the zone, take note how it feels.” I had never really been in the zone, before now, so I didn’t know.  I’d had brief bursts of wins, in an account that slowly eroded over 2...

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