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A blog is born

Market essence distillates, and trading primer

Pneuma currently has two main parts.

1. “Omniplastic Transformer” is my blog.  It is just stream of consciousness, mostly about markets and trading these days.

2. The Trading Primer is an idea for a trading tutorial.  It’s a prototype, and work in progress.  The effort is to explain markets and trading from scratch, but ideally in a way that could add a new perspective, and potentially interest already active traders.

For the blog, I produce a lot of homework (with charts, about markets and trading) and transcendental hullabaloo.   The homework is part of my process as a trader, but often expands in to macro realms, which are interesting to me academically, and also practically, as trading context.

Macro topics include inter-relationships between economies, currencies, commodities, equities, bonds, political policies, central bank actions, etc.

I also occasionally work on fantasy business plans.  Structures to change the world for the better, and address immanent socio-economical eschatological sea changes.  Business aikido on the event horizon of the singularity.

Even more occasionally a poem escapes me, or some epiphany leaks through my fingers on to the keyboard as prose.  So who knows what will end up here.

What is Pneuma?

Pneuma has been “my domain” since the nascent days of the web.  Mostly it has sat as a place holder, while I’ve had various ideas for it’s use.

Because of my friend and mentor Noel King, and background in religious studies, at times I wished Pneuma could become an inter-faith platform, to explore what I believe to be the spiritual identity between all religions, and indeed all beings, regardless of if they consider themselves “religious,” or agnostic, atheist, animist, animal, vegetable or mineral…or even if they consider themselves “selves.”

What is Omniplastic Transformer?

This is a purposely grammatically awkward conjunction I came up with, a long time ago, slightly an homage to Buckminster Fuller-ian lingo.  It was a title for a serial story I had in mind back in the 1990’s.

In one early iteration of, I posted a slew of writing, finished stories, poems, prose, and also half-baked ideas.  The ideas were meant as templates that could be developed in to new media.  I was thinking that the web would allow for various kinds of non-linear story telling.

One of these ideas was a story based on the 2012 date.  There was a lot of talk in those days about this date from the Mayan Calendar being an eschatological event horizon.  Some kind of Singularity. Terrence McKenna had it in his Time Wave Zero as a date for “incursion of infinite novelty.”

So my spin on this story was that the “singularity” would be a sort of temporal membrane.  And when the world passed through it, it would indeed end, and a new world would be reborn.  But how this would happen would be different for each individual.

This then was the basis for a serial kind of episodic story telling.  Like comic books or a series on TV.

I still think this is a pretty good story.  And the fact that the date is in the past rather than the future does not necessarily diminish it.  In some way, I believe this actually happened.  That it was actually “true.”  Needless to say, I have a flexible definition of “truth.”

For me, the term “believe,” which I use freely in writing, is a semantic contraption that breaks down upon sufficiently close scrutiny.  Further, “I believe” contains two such conventions.

“Omniplastic Transformer” roughly means everything transformed in to any or every shape, or modality of being.

If one were to build out the story, one could suppose that this temporal membrane was a sort of technology, and had been installed in to our 4D experience (or 10D, as Bucky had it) perhaps from some higher dimensional perspective.


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