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Where do beaches go?


15 billion tons of sand are used world wide in construction.


money-sand“Most of the sand is by now extracted from the ocean floor”

A casual Google will reveal lots rants that beach erosion is caused
by global warming and rising oceans.

But when you consider oceans have risen by a few inches in 100 years,
and compare that to the amount of sand being extracted from the
ecosystem…you do the math.

After hurricane Matthew, the beach and dune in front of our house lost
approximately 1600-2000 cubic yards of sand.  Sand weighs 2600-3000
lbs per yard.  So lets say, roughly, 1300 tons.

If you multiply that by the 700 houses along our 7 mile stretch of beach,
which was one of the most severely hit areas in this storm, which was
the most severe erosion in 50 years, that means our area lost about
1 million tons of sand in this storm.

Out of 15 billion tons extracted world wide every year for cement,
this is a tiny amount.  15,000 times our sand loss goes in to pavement
and buildings, EVERY YEAR!

It’s funny that environmentalists campaign against seawalls
and global warming, citing those as reasons for erosion, yet
the use of cement in building isn’t even on their docket.


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